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Things to Look For in a Commercial Security System

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Enhanced security systems are crucial for business owners to ensure the safety of their buildings. For that reason, the Canadian security industry is worth $9 billion.

If you are looking to enhance your access systems, consider the following essential services:


One service that you may want to look for as part of your security system is rekeying. This is good if your company has a high turnover rate or you do not want certain people to have access to your building.

What this does is it changes the tumblers so that older keys that you had do not work on your lock. This can be a great way to keep disgruntled employees off of your property after they leave your company.

Master Key System

If you want to take things a step further with your security, one thing you can do is implement a master key system. This measure goes a step further than just rekeying parts of your building.

What this does is it gives you the ability to control every door and lock in the building. It is a key that can work on everything, and if you get it made by a reliable company, it can be very difficult to duplicate.

This is also good for employers that have a hard time getting sets of keys back after someone leaves the job.

Door Maintenance

You should also check to see how reliable your doors are. They may be in weaker shape than you think.

You should check to see the expected lifespan of your doors. Some doors only last 20 years.

If your doors have damages or are just aging, you should consider door replacement or maintenance service to help get them back into secure shape.

Improve Your Commercial Security System

These are some things that you should look into if you are trying to improve your commercial security system. For an easier fix, you can consider rekeying your property to essentially expire older keys.

If you want to take this a step further, you can create a master key to give you more power over your property. Or, you can simply do some door maintenance to make it more difficult for people to break in.

Do you want to secure your entry points? Contact Safe-Guard Locksmiths to get started.


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