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Making a Burglar's Life Difficult

Keeping our homes and the contents inside safe and secure is of paramount importance to everyone. Unfortunately there are still burglaries occurring regularly each day up and down the country.

Below are some interesting yet alarming statistics* regarding burglaries in the home:

1. Areas of the home that burglars break in through:

  • 34% Front door

  • 23% First floor window

  • 22% Back door

  • 9% Garage

  • 6% Storage area

  • 4% Basement

  • 2% Second floor window

2. Most residential burglaries occur from 10am to 3pm when people are at work or school. 3. July & August have the most burglaries with February having the fewest. 4. Tools used to perform the break in:

  • Screwdrivers

  • Hammers

  • Pliers

  • Crowbars

5. Items that are most commonly stolen are small and easy to carry:

  • Cash

  • iPods & iPads

  • Jewellery & watches

  • Laptops

  • DVD players

6. The average burglar will spend between 8 and 12 minutes in your property. With this in mind it is our number one goal here at Lock Shop Direct to make these 8 to 12 minutes as difficult for them as possible. Firstly it is important to not even let them get into your property. So you need to make sure your door locks are in good working order as 34% of break-ins occur via the front door. We have a wide selection of door locks available as well as other essential home security products including alarms and door chains. Secondly ensure your windows aren’t left open and are locked. If you can’t lock them our experts at Lock Shop Direct highly recommend you upgrade so you have lockable window locks. You can view our range of window locks here which include locks for UPVC, Metal and Wooden window frames. If they do manage to get into your property then you want to make sure the burglar can’t easily access your valuables. We stock a range of home safes which are available at low prices and are ideal for keeping items like cash, jewellery, watches, iPads etc secure. By keeping your valuables in a secure safe it will help make the 8 to 12 minutes tricky for the burglar in your home as they try and negotiate the high quality key or electronic locks. *source:

Author: Paul Young

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