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Padlocks – Choosing The Right One

When it comes to choosing a padlock either for business or personal use it can be confusing with so many to choose from. Not only do you need to get the right size but you’ll also need to pick the right type of padlock too.

But don’t worry, below we’re going to explain the differences between all the padlocks and their key features to help make your decision as easy as possible. Brass/Standard Padlocks These are the most common type of padlock and the most popular too. They are fairly low cost and are supplied with a couple of keys. Ideal for securing shed doors, cabinets and lockers. They offer some weather protection but if you need something a bit better we’d recommend upgrading to a Laminated Padlock. These are a similar build to standard padlocks but offer the ultimate protection from the elements. Closed Shackle Padlocks These padlocks are particularly good at resisting attacks as the shackle is concealed making it hard for the thief to cut through it. Closed shackle padlocks (sometimes called shackleless padlocks) are suited for securing double doors on vans, containers and warehouses. Disc (Discus) Padlocks As the name suggests these padlocks have round bodies and only a small amount of the shackle is on display, limiting the exposure of the vulnerable part of the padlock. Used regularly with chains for securing mountain and motor bikes. They are versatile so we find a lot of customers will use them for securing holiday cottages and sheds. Combination Padlocks This type of padlock is quickly becoming a best seller here on Lock Shop Direct. There are no keys to lose, instead the padlock is secured via a 3 to 5 digit combination that can be reprogrammed giving them a longer life than other padlocks. Long Shackle Padlocks This type of padlock is popular when the shackle length of a standard padlock isn’t long enough or is too restrictive. An adjustable lock shackle padlock allows you to fit the padlock as tightly as possible which offers you a bit more flexibility. There is a downside though, with more of the shackle exposed it makes them a bit more vulnerable to bolt cutters or hacksaw attacks. Shutter Padlocks On this type of padlock the shackle is straight instead of rounded making them perfect for use on security roller shutters, parking posts, containers and also on motorcycle security chains. It is also worth remembering that you can get most key locking padlocks keyed alike or keyed to differ allowing you to buy padlocks that meet your exact home or business needs. To see our full range of padlocks please click here and on each product you’ll find a wide range of sizes available too.


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