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To Rekey Or Not To Rekey

Did you know that right now there could easily be several people who you don’t know who have keys to your house?

The people who you bought the house from could still have keys as could their friends, family and old roommates who were maybe leant a key at some point in the past. In addition to this the estate agent or any workman who may have been trusted with a key could have a copy of your door key and you would never know. This is true for new build homes as well. However don’t worry, you don’t need to change all your locks and incur a massive bill. Rekeying your locks is a great alternative to changing the locks and is less expensive especially if there are several entry doors to the property. Rekeying is a process which involves changing the order of the internal pins within the lock and creating a new key for the door. By doing this you are getting peace of mind that even if there are keys you don’t know about, they will no longer work. One huge advantage to getting the locks rekeyed is that it would be really hard to make an insurance claim if the burglar used an old key and there were no signs of forced entry.


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