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Providing High-quality Door Closer Installation and Repair in Toronto

In addition to ensuring that the door remains closed after every entry or exit, a door closer is essential to regulate and control the force with which a door is shut. Exerting too much force while closing the door or opening it can damage it over time or loosen the hinges and overhead panels, posing the risk of an accident. At Safe-Guard Locksmiths Ltd., we offer top-notch door closers in Toronto, to meet our clients’ needs. Get in touch with us, and we will install durable and efficient door closers to your commercial and residential entrances.

Why Do You Need a Door Closer?


A door closer acts like a buffer that optimizes the force exerted during the opening or closing of a door. It is also important to install a door closer for the safety, security and protection of your family, personnel and belongings. If you have young children running about the house trying to escape out of the door every chance they get, you must always have a reliable door closer in place. Door closers also offer fire protection in the event of a fire hazard. Call us to know more about our wide range of products and our efficient installation services.



Door Closer Repairs by Experts

If your door is closing too soon and you have noticed traces of oil, we can help. Oil leaks can be caused due to missing screws or other problems. We will thoroughly check your doors and fix any leaky oil issue that your door may have. In addition to door closer installations and repairs, our team also offers a range of locksmith services including key cutting, rekeying and more.


Keep your door in top condition with professional door closer services in Toronto. We specialize in offering door closer installation, maintenance and repairs. You can also rely on us to offer door frames, hardware and glass. Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation or to know more about our business.

Choosing the Perfect Door Closer

Here are a few things that you must take into account before choosing the right door closer for your property:

  • Foot Fall or the Volume of Traffic

Depending upon the number of people entering and exiting the door every day, you will need an efficient door closing mechanism. While selecting a door closer for your door, you must go for one which has the required security grading. The overhead door closers are ideal for managing medium to heavy traffic.

  • Durability

It is crucial to choose a model that is durable and hard-wearing. Most door closers are heavy as they are made of cast iron or steel. Some of them also have galvanizing or zinc plating, adding to their weight. Many other door closers are simple machines made of several smaller components. Some small parts make them susceptible to accidents.

  • Fire Protection

It is a statutory requirement to install fire safety doors in establishments that are prone to fire hazards. It is vital to ensure that the fire safety routes are duly planned, and the doors have high-quality closers to ensure easy and quick access.

Why Choose Our Door Closers in Toronto?

Safe-Guard Locksmiths Ltd. can help you select the most suitable door closer as per your specific needs. You can choose from several models that can help you secure and safeguard your belongings. Safe-Guard Locksmiths Ltd. can also provide you with the repair and maintenance of your door closers. Over the years of serving clients across the city, we have emerged as the preferred provider for door closers in Toronto. We have a wide clientele across the city who count on us for all of their door closer installation and repair needs.

We have several high-quality models from top brands across the world. Visit our online catalogue to view our comprehensive inventory of products. Call us to get in touch with our experts who can help you select the perfect door closer for your property, depending upon your specific needs.

Door Closer Repairs

We offer door closer installations and repairs in Toronto.


Your Trusted Locksmiths in Toronto

Got a creaky door? We are the trusted supplier of high-quality door closers in Toronto that will help you get rid of your faulty and squeaking doors.

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