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Get a Master Key System for Commercial Use in Toronto

If you wish to enhance the security of your commercial space, then a master key system can be the perfect solution. They provide safety, control and access to all locks that are keyed to the master key system. This system allows access to a variety of areas with a single key and enables businesses to control access to their facilities efficiently.


Whether you are looking to arrange access to specific areas or reinforce security in your office building, Safe-Guard Locksmiths Ltd.’s master key system in Toronto can easily accommodate different applications. Though master key planning can be an overwhelming task, it’s a necessary security step for business owners and managers who want to have a hierarchical access plan. At Safe-Guard Locksmiths Ltd., we can help you plan your master key schematic to ensure only the correct people have access. We can even rekey your locks and repair your door closers. Get in touch with our professionals and get started on a customized key system.

What Is a Master Key System?

Has the previous staff left and failed to return the office keys? Have your key sets gone missing? If yes, there might be a need to replace the existing security system in your building. In this modern era, a master key system can make your life stress-free. It uses a set of various locks, which are arranged to operate different keys. A particular lock has its specific key, which can’t be opened by any other lock. However, the master key can open all locks in the set. For commercial properties and usage, the master key is an ideal and secure system.

Master Key Installation Service 

Safe-Guard Locksmiths Ltd. makes your commercial spaces more secure and functional. We can provide you with master key system installation services. When you choose us, we take the time to assess your unique concerns and property type to provide you with bespoke solutions. We will install your master key system for long-lasting security solutions. You can rely on us regardless of whether you're a landlord or a warehouse manager. We can even change your old master key system into a new one to match your updated requirements. Our technicians have years of experience and can provide you with informed recommendations, as per your needs.  


We will carry out the job quickly and efficiently, so you don't have to engage in any unnecessary downtime.  


Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

Master Key Repair Services

Is your master key system damaged? We won't let you compromise your safety by providing you with reliable master key repair services. You can rely on us for quick and efficient solutions, whether the system is affected due to wear and tear or damage.  

Benefits of Getting a Master Key System


Carrying a different key for every door of your office or business space isn’t practical. This is where a master key system can help increase security and improve efficiency. The benefits of master key systems for commercial properties are:

  • Reliability: A master key door lock system is one of the strongest and most reliable locking systems in the market.

  • Serialized tracking: A master key door lock system and its keys have specific serial numbers, which makes tracking them easy.
  • Rekeyable locking: High-quality master lock systems can’t be duplicated easily, thus redefining a high-security zone.
  • Key control software: A reliable master locksmith will store your important information on the cloud server, which you can access at any time.
  • Restricted access: It allows business owners to control and monitor all personnel who access certain rooms or areas of your facility.
  • Cost-effectiveness: When you have The Flying Locksmiths install a master key system, we can simply re-key your old locks, preventing you from needing to invest in expensive new hardware.

Check out our guide to a master key system and explore our blog for useful information. Give us a call to speak with our locksmiths about how we can help you and your business in Toronto.

Who Can Use a Master Key System?


Master key systems have a range of applications. From residential, commercial, industrial and other service sectors, the common examples of personnel that can use and greatly benefit from a this system include:

  • Landlords and property managers of apartments and residential complexes can access every apartment and living space in the complex with a single master key instead of having to carry around a giant ring of keys.

  • Security guards and personnel can keep watch over their building and patrol different rooms and areas of the property without having to switch keys.

  • Cleaning crews and services can use a single key to do their job instead of juggling several keys, thus increasing their efficiency and decreasing their work load.

Instead of juggling different keys for every door in your business, Safe-Gaurd Locksmith Ltd. can provide reliable and high-quality master key systems for all kinds of buildings and businesses all across Toronto. Contact us to learn how we can protect your property.

Master Key System for Your Commercial Security


A master key system helps control access within your property. You can rely on our team to design and install a security system that suits your requirements. Our system is easy to use and enables you to open multiple doors with a single key. In addition to master key systems, we also offer rekeying and key cutting services.

Selecting the appropriate level of the master key system is extremely important. When you hire us, our team will help you establish the necessary level of system. The levels include:

  • Keyed alike system
  • Master key system
  • Grand master key system
  • Great grand master key system
  • Great great grand master key system

Check out our FAQs section for answers to some commonly asked questions about locks and master key systems. Connect with us to know more about the services and products we offer in Toronto.

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Choose Us to Get a Secured Master Key System in Toronto

Safe-Guard Locksmiths Ltd. specializes in the design, installation, replacement, duplication, and repair of master key systems. You can also rely on us to rekey your existing locks and create a new key system. Our systems are ideal for offices, government buildings, warehouses, schools, banks and industrial facilities 


If you are looking for a reliable company to get a master key system in Toronto, Safe-Guard Locksmiths Ltd. is your answer. Whether you need repairs for professional master key systems or are thinking about installation, Safe-Guard Locksmiths Ltd. can provide you with a skilled locksmith to help get the job done. Our highly-trained locksmiths offer comprehensive services for master key systems, such as master key installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement. 

Ensure Restricted Entry with Our Master Key System

Whether you need a single security lock for your front door or a master key system for a large establishment in Toronto, we can help.

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