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Top-quality Locks and  Door Hardware  in Toronto

While expert services are important to ensure maximum security in your commercial and residential property, the products your locksmiths use are equally significant. Opting for high-quality products is necessary to keep your properties protected. At Safe Guard Locksmiths Ltd, we stock a full range of locks, door closers, deadbolts, knobs, levers, tubular entry sets, padlocks, key garages, electronic locks and more from some top manufacturers. We offer specialty hardware products to suit multiple applications and needs. Being in the business in Toronto for the past 20 years, we have resolved almost all kinds of issues with our customized and effective security solutions. We strive to provide our clients with unparalleled customer service and excellent locking systems so they always remain safe. Call us for premium-quality door hardware products from reputable brands such as:


Our Door Hardware Products

We ensure that we provide only highly reliable products. 


  • High-security locks: We provide secure, strong electronic digital locks and padlocks from trusted manufacturers.

  • Tubular entry sets: A security lock provides twin latch bolt and deadbolt facilities. We offer multiple styles and models at budget-friendly prices.

  • Deadbolts: We offer sturdy deadbolts in multiple tech specifications, finishes, sizes, core materials, and styles.

  • Electronic locks: If you want to remain free from the hassle of safeguarding your door keys, reach out to us for our electronic locks. 

  • Door lock knobs: Our door lock knobs are secure. You can install it in the entry doors, garage doors, and more. 

  • Door closers: Tired of the jarring noise your door makes when it closes? Think about installing our top-notch door closers.


Call us today for strong and stylish door hardware products for your homes or workspaces in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Residential Security Products


Safe Guard Locksmiths Ltd is a trusted provider of excellent door hardware products for homeowners in Toronto. With our passion for excellence, we have been establishing long lasting relationships with our customers over the last 20 years. Whether you need door locks, closers, or panic bars for your house, we have you covered. 

If you are unable to finalize a locking system for your residence or need specific models or makes of locks, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to guide you!



Commercial Property Security Products


We are a leading door hardware supplier for commercial property in Toronto and the surrounding areas. With a wide range of hardware products, we will fulfill all your hardware needs. Our professional team believes in creating customer value through our dedicated services. We offer solutions that fit your requirements and choices. Call us today for a consultation and door security products. 

Other Brands We Carry

Apart from the above-mentioned key brands, we also source our products from the following major industry experts:

Sargent Assa ABLOY
Adams Rite
Lucky line
Corbin Russwin Assa Abloy

When it comes to safeguarding your home or office, selecting the right door lock is a crucial decision encompassing various factors, including security, functionality, design, and style.  


  • Security: The primary function of any lock is security, and it's paramount to evaluate the level of protection it provides. Consider features such as anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-bump technologies. High-security locks, such as those with electronic or smart capabilities, add an extra layer of protection. 


  • Functionality: Different spaces have varying needs. You might opt for a combination of deadbolts and handle sets for homes, while offices may require electronic access control systems. Assess the ease of use, especially if individuals of different ages or abilities use the lock. 


  • Style and Design: Your door lock should seamlessly integrate with your overall design aesthetic. From traditional to modern, a wide array of styles and finishes are available. Match the lock's design with your door hardware to create a cohesive and visually pleasing look. 

Door Lock Installation Services ​​

Beyond selecting the perfect lock, ensuring proper installation is equally critical. Professional door lock installation services guarantee that your chosen lock functions optimally, providing the intended level of security. Trained technicians can address any specific requirements unique to your space, offering tailored solutions for your peace of mind. 


Whether upgrading security or enhancing style, investing time and consideration into your door lock choice and installation is an investment in your home or office's safety and aesthetic appeal. Trust the experts to guide you through the selection process and deliver seamless installation, ensuring your space remains secure and stylish. 

Unlocking Security and Style: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Lock for Your Home/Office 

Are you in search of top-notch door hardware in Toronto? 

Trust our premium-quality locks, knobs, deadbolts, door closers, and more for your homes and offices.

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