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Your Guide To the Master Key System

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In 2020, Canada had an estimated 137,516 burglaries. Imagine losing thousands or even millions of dollars over theft?

The good news is that it can be prevented.


Every business wants to safeguard its property. The best way to do that is to incorporate a master key system. Keep on reading to learn more about what it is and how it can enhance the security of your property.


What is a Master Key System?

A master key system is a security system designed to give access to all personnel within a property, only to specific areas of the building. The system is designed to be used by authorized personnel and not by anyone else. These systems were created in response to the problem of employees having to carry numerous keys, one for each room.

For instance, a facility manager can have a master key that allows access to all doors at their site. This makes key management much easier and more efficient than having a bunch of different keys for different door locks.


What Are the Master Key Levels?

If you own a business with several locations and staff working in every store, you will need multiple master levels. Most master lock key systems have between two and five access levels. The following are the common terms for each level:


The Great Grand Master (GGMK)

Considered as the highest level of access provided by the master key system, the GGMK offers access to all areas of your business, including facilities, locations, and doors. This key is capable of unlocking all access levels underneath it. 

GGMK should be restricted to a small number of critical stakeholders inside your firm. The fewer individuals with high-level access, the more secure your master key system can offer.


Grand Master Key (GMK)

This is the next grade of access below the GGMK level. It provides more access than master keys but does not unlock all the doors that the Great Grand Master level does.

Grand Master keys are often used at the corporate level allowing access to several locations. It should still be restricted to a minimum number of stakeholders and/or senior management.


Master Key (MK)

This key can access any locks, but not those linked with Great Grand Master or Grand Master keys. Master keys may be assigned to keyholders who need a high degree of access within their level. This might be a District, Regional, or Region manager that unlocks all locks at facilities within their area.


User Keys

This is another term for the standard keys you give to workers who do not need high-level access. User keys are often connected with a single lock, such as a front door or a storage room. They cannot unlock other doors and account for the lowest degree of key level access to your company.


Master Key System in Toronto

By increasing the security measures in your business, you invest in the safety and profitability of your company. To do that, you want to work with a locksmith that uses cutting-edge technology. Fortunately, Safe-Guard Locksmiths Ltd. has all the tools and expertise to enhance your property’s protection.

Contact us for all the information about our master key system and other products and services we offer.



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