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Common types of residential locks

A door handle with a lock

What comes to mind when you think of your home's exterior and elements that boost curb appeal

If you're like most people, it's the siding of the house, the style of the windows and door, the landscaping, or even the roof. The household locks may not be the first element that most would think of, but choosing the right type can also significantly enhance the front of your home. 


Plus, residential locks secure homes against malicious intrusion, so choosing a lock with impressive safety features can boost the value of your house. 

Use these tips to find the perfect lock and hardware for your home.



Deadbolts are commonly used in residential homes, and most homeowners are quite familiar with this style. It's a secure lock that comes in a variety of finishes. Our deadbolt products come in the following finishes: 

  • Satin nickel

  • Pewter

  • Oil-rubbed bronze

  • Polished chrome

  • Polished brass

  • And more

Since exterior door hardware sets come in so many styles, choose a finish that complements the style of your home and the colour of your door to enhance your entrance. 

The two main types of deadbolts include the single cylinder and double cylinder. The single-cylinder style is more common, but a double-cylinder deadbolt offers additional security. 

Handle sets are also popular choices for front doors that feature a handle and a single or double-cylinder deadbolt. 



A cylindrical lever lock is another popular style among homeowners. They are easy to operate and frequently used on patio or double doors. 

You can also find levers on electronic locks, such as our Arrow Revolution® V1 style, which combines a touchscreen lock with a cylindrical lockset for added security. 


Electronic and Smart Locks

Electronic locks allow for better access control and convenient features, including:

  • Voice-guided programming

  • Ability to add and delete users

  • Lockout mode

  • Key override

  • Auto relocking

  • Silent mode

Electronic locks are high-tech and weather-resistant. They're also easy to install and have a contemporary feel. 

An electronic lock with several practical characteristics, such as the capacity to unlock and lock the door without a key, is known as a "smart lock." Smart locks operate by accepting commands from authorized devices, which are typically wirelessly delivered.


Knob Locks

Knob locks have limited security, meaning they're better suited for interior use rather than on your front door. A doorknob can easily break with enough force, putting your home at risk. This is why homeowners will usually choose other options for their exterior door locks. 

However, you can find doorknobs in various finishes and styles, meaning you can easily pair your interior hardware with your exterior door handle. Matching or complementary styles help to create a flow throughout the house.


Mortise Locks

Although mortise locks are more common in commercial properties, homeowners also use them. Mortise locks consist of a threaded cylinder and a cam. 

This type of lock is very secure, and the locks themselves are remarkably strong. If security is one of the biggest concerns on your mind when choosing exterior door hardware, you can't go wrong with mortise locks. 


Installing Exterior Door Locks

Once you consider your options, choose a style that matches the look and feel of your home. Select locks that offer the best security if you're installing them on your exterior doors. 


Once you're ready to install your exterior door hardware, you need to find a trustworthy locksmith to do the job. 

If you need a locksmith in Toronto, you can rely on Safe-Guard Locksmiths Ltd. to secure your home. We're a family-owned business that offers both locks and locksmith services, such as key cutting, door maintenance, and more. Simply reach out to us today to get started. 



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