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Locked Out Of The House: 4 Things Your Lockout Service Can Do

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In Canada, the rate of home invasions has remained stable because people continue to lock their doors. But what do you do when you accidentally keep yourself out instead of intruders? Whether you get locked out of your home or vehicle, a lockout service can help you.

Read on to learn about four things you can do the next time you are locked out.


1. Call a Locksmith

The best thing to do when you get locked out of your house is call a locksmith. This lockout service will ensure you get back into your home in a quick manner.


A home lockout service cost is not always the most affordable, but there are cheap lockout service options out there. The cost usually depends on the situation you are in. A 24-hour lockout service is your best bet when it comes to an emergency.


A locksmith, like Safe-Guard Locksmiths LTD., can help you with a variety of lockouts. With a large product catalogue, we can help with many different locks. Whether you are locked out of your home or vehicle, they are sure to help you out.


2. Ask for Help

Of course, if a locksmith can't make it as quick as you'd like, you can always ask for help from someone else. For example, if you live with someone like a partner or roommate, give them a call.


This won't always be helpful if you are having an issue like not being able to turn the key, but it can be worth a shot. Then you won't have to worry about the home lockout service cost.


You can spend less time stranded outside of your home by reaching out to the landlord if you have one. They should always have a copy of the key to spare.


Also, an apartment complex should have a spare key. They can provide you with access as long as they know your identity. If the office is closed, call a 24-hour lockout service instead.


3. Check Windows and Other Doors

You may avoid giving easy access to intruders by always ensuring windows and doors are locked. However, if you have been careless with it lately, it could be your saving grace to get back inside your home. Even if you think you have locked every window and door for sure, it is worth it to check.


Check every entrance to your home that you can reach. This includes level windows and any other doors besides the front, like the back door.


4. Create Tools

If all else fails, you may have to improvise by making tools. Lockpicking is not easy, but it can be beneficial when a lockout service is not available. Bobby pins and paper clips are the best items to create your own DIY unlocking tools with.


Creating these tools works best when you have two of them. Let's be honest, who carries around these things with them daily? If you only have one, work with what you have by breaking it in half.


A standard spring bolt can be opened with a plastic card. You may not want to use your credit card in this instance in case you destroy it.


Find a 24-Hour Lockout Service

The easiest thing to do when locked out of your home or vehicle is to call a locksmith. A 24-hour lockout service will be able to help no matter the time of day. Don't waste time waiting for your roommate to come home or ruining your credit card with an unlocking hack, get the help of Safe-Guard Locksmiths LTD.


For help with troubled locks, check out our frequently asked questions now.


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