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What to Do When You First Move In? Rekey Locks!

Rekey locks

Closing on your new home still comes with a variety of tasks, from repainting walls, scrubbing floors, and moving in your furniture. However, there's one task that you need to prioritize above every other–rekeying locks.

If you don't rekey locks as soon as possible, realtors and previous owners may still be able to access your property. Even worse, those keys could get lost and end up in the wrong hands if they have your address on them.

Read on to learn how to rekey locks and why it's so important for your own peace of mind.


Replacing vs Rekeying Locks

Many people don't know the difference when it comes to replacing vs rekeying locks. However, if you have rekeyable locks, choosing to rekey them instead of completely replacing them will save you a lot of money. 


The cost to rekey locks averages about $20 to $50 per lock. On the other hand, replacing them can average an hourly cost of $75. Depending on the number of doors you have, you can see how rekeying your locks can be a more affordable process. 


Rekeying also doesn't take nearly as long as replacing all of your locks and hardware. If you're experiencing a time crunch or want to secure your house as soon as possible, choosing to rekey your locks may make more sense. 


Replacing your locks may be necessary if you have a malfunctioning lock or you want to change up the look of your door hardware completely.   


How to Rekey Locks 

The majority of locks can be rekeyed without needing to replace them entirely. Your locksmith does this by taking off the doorknob and then the lock cylinder inside.


They'll then remove all of the pins and springs inside the lock cylinder and replace them with new ones for your new key.


Although you can do this yourself, it does require the investment of a lock rekey kit that will come with special tools and new pins. These pins are often colour-coded to help you figure out where to place them properly. 


There's some technique involved, as you'll need to keep pressure on the lock cylinder as you take it out. Without pressure, the old pins may pop out and scatter all over your floor. 


Keeping Your Home Secure

Whether you're moving into a new home or you've recently misplaced your house keys, hiring professionals to rekey locks will keep you and your family safe. 


You never know how many keys for your locks exist, and you don't want to make yourself an easy target for burglarising.


Rekeying your locks gives you the peace of mind of key mastery again. You'll know exactly how many people are able to access your home at any given time. 


Ready to secure your home through the services of professional and reputable locksmiths? Contact Safe-Guard Locksmiths Ltd. today to book a service or check on our product availability! 


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